Environmental requirements for Arts Council England NPOs

What are the environmental requirements in 2020?


Thanks to you, Julie’s Bicycle has been gathering data on environmental impacts of culture and the arts for over a decade, using it to support positive action – both nationally and internationally. The data helps us to understand impacts, priorities, and solutions and to strengthen the community. The value of providing your NPOs’ environmental data by 30 October will support both sector intelligence and your organisation’s environmental journey. It is particularly important to provide 19/20 data, given the current disruption and its associated impact on future reporting.

We are here to help all of those submitting data this year.

The 2019/20 environmental reporting requirements were initially presented as part of your 2018-22 Funding Agreement Conditions (Section 9 and 9.1 in the ‘Schedule 1 additional conditions’ for bands 1, 2 and 3 NPOs). These were prepared to suit each organisation, taking into account your organisation’s size, scope and activities.

This year, due to COVID-19, reporting timeframes have been postponed, and the final date to submit your data is October 30th 2020. We understand there may be some organisations who may find this almost impossible due to current constraints, so please let JB or your Relationship Managers know ASAP if this is you.

Requirements for submitting your environmental data:

  • Enter data outlined in your funding agreement onto the Creative Green Tools, relating to 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2020. Your information should include 12 months of data for buildings, or cover your activities across that time period for festivals, tours and productions.

  • Upload your up-to-date environmental sustainability policy and action plans to the Creative Green Tools.