Culture at the Heart of Climate Action

graphic: Call to Action Cultural Heritage, Art and Creative Industries COP28 A global campagin to embed cultural solutions into climate policy Add your voice

A global call to the UNFCCC to include cultural heritage, the arts and creative sectors in climate policy at COP.

Under the leadership of the Climate Heritage Network, Julie’s Bicycle is heading up an exciting new climate campaign. It aims to unite artists and cultural voices from across the world in a global call to action to embed culture into climate policy.

We can already see the devastating effects of climate change all around us. In particular, the impact it has on those who have contributed least to this problem. We are currently failing to adequately rise to the challenge of climate change, and culture – in all its forms – can present creative solutions to strengthen climate policy and planning.

This campaign is asking the UN to approve a ‘Joint Work Decision on Culture and Climate Action’. It is a UN process which would trigger the frameworks and policies which enable culture to contribute fully to climate solutions.

“We need everyone from across the cultural landscape to unite and support this campaign – from artists, galleries and museums to designers and the film and fashion industries – we need organisations and individuals from every sector across the world to add their voice!” Alison Tickell, JB Founder.

Culture-led solutions have so much potential. Hundreds of artists and cultural organisations from across the world are adding their names to this campaign. Find out more and add your voice!

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This campaign is part of an initiative funded by the UAE Ministry of Culture in partnership with the ALIPH Foundation.