JB’s Creative Green Tools adapted for Canada arts sector

After a year-long consultation with the arts and culture sector across Canada – around carbon footprinting in the industry – the Quebec Drama Federation (QDF) has received a second round of funding through the Canada Council for the Arts’ Sector Innovation and Development fund to adapt Julie’s Bicycle’s innovative Creative Green Tools for the Canadian context. Climatable will be joining the project as a collaborator with funding from Employment and Social Development Canada.

The current phase of the project will incorporate lessons learned from the previous year of research and consultation to develop a version of the Creative Green Tools that fits the unique needs of the local arts and culture sector and then plan for the widespread implementation of the Tools in 2022. The project will also benefit from the expertise of Indigenous-led consulting agency Naheyawin who will conduct a national, multidisciplinary Indigenous engagement strategy to ensure the Tools are implemented in a way that supports the needs of Indigenous communities.

The project will benefit from strategic collaboration with Julie’s Bicycle, the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT), The Centre for Sustainable Practice in the Arts (CSPA)/The Arctic Cycle, Ecosceno and the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables (CQEER).

Alison Tickell, Founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle, said of the initiative:

“Arts and culture have a huge role right now in stewarding us to a better world. Taking action together, now, is exciting for all of us.”

QDF’s Director of Programming, Holly Greco, stated:

“QDF is proud to continue collaborating on the Creative Green project as we enter into the second phase of development. We are honoured to have contributed to this project from its seedling stage, and we look forward to supporting the next steps, as it grows its roots nationally. QDF is passionate about spreading awareness about the Creative Green Tools and mission, and encouraging the arts and culture sector to include them in their practices for years to come.”

Climatable’s Board Chair, Sara Ferwati, also feels strongly about the project. She reflected:

“Often in the fight against the climate crisis, what prevents us from making better informed decisions is not the convection, but lack of knowledge and tools to do so. Creative Green is an important initiative that will enable the art sector to address this problem, by facilitating easy access to the appropriate tools to make climate conscious decisions.”

About the Quebec Drama Federation

Since 1972, QDF has been serving the needs of the English-language theatre community in Quebec. With hundreds of members, we are committed to providing advocacy, resources, and educational initiatives that support and strengthen our artistic community.

Creative Green Tools Canada has now launched on social media to enable Canada’s arts and culture community to stay in touch on the project and connect. Find out more on Facebook and Instagram.