Our House is on Fire: C40 World Mayors Summit

The C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, October 2019 brought together a coalition of leading cities, businesses and citizens rallying around radical and ambitious climate action.

The Summit showcased examples of how some cities are already delivering on their strong commitments and accelerating the bold climate solutions needed for a sustainable, healthier, resilient and inclusive future. But there is so much more work to do.

JB Director Alison Tickell featured on panel:

Our house is on fire: is our economy driving inequality and environmental disaster?

-alongside Jamie Margolin, Founder, Zero Hour, Kate Raworth, Author of ‘Doughnut Economics’ and Senior Associate, Oxford University, Marieke van Doorninck, Vice Mayor of Amsterdam, Robert Mambe, Governor of Abidjan and Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland – Moderated by Kate Power, Programme Director, KR Foundation.

Environmental devastation driven by global, and mostly urban, consumption. Spiralling inequality leading to political and social unrest. These are defining issues of our time. Is our current economic system leading to them? If so, why and how? What does this mean for our urban citizens? And how can we redesign our economies and livelihoods to fix these disparities?

Mayors and cities are at the frontlines of these challenges, and their solutions. In this session, the panel explored the role of mayors in reforming our exploitative economy, whilst ensuring that everyone benefits from a transformational green revolution – ensuring that we bring in the key thing that enables humanity to understand and embrace the challenges and changes and lay ahead; arts and culture.

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