Peer Sharing: How might culture support adaptation to climate change?

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Is your creative organisation adapting plans, programmes, projects or ways of working in response to current and future changes in climate?

Join a peer-sharing session that invites you to share insights, learnings and experiences with a community of future-focused organisations tackling the current and anticipated impacts of climate change.

Date: Thursday 19th October, 11-12:30pm. (online)

Adapting to climate change

Our organisations, ways of working and the communities we collaborate with will all be affected in different ways by the changing climate. In our process of adapting to the impacts of climate change, it’s vital to identify the most affected groups and locations. We need to identify collaborative steps needed to tackle these challenges.

In response to UK government strategy, local authorities have been crafting adaptation plans to bolster resilience against climate change. You might already be engaging with these plans to generate innovative and imaginative responses and activities in reaction to this challenge. We’re keen to hear from organisations of all sizes and scopes – whether you’re a small-scale cultural entity, a touring company, or a larger organisation based in a physical space, your input is valuable to us.

Bring something to share that you’ve tried – whether it worked or not! We’ll facilitate a discussion of shared learning and mutual inspiration.

Who can join?

To help guide expressions of interest please consider the following questions:

  • Have you considered how day-to-day operations of your building or organisation now and in the future might be affected by the impacts of climate change? Have you / your organisation made a start in addressing these?
  • How are you thinking about or working towards adapting your organisation to changes in the future climate?
  • Are you working within your community to develop place-based responses to adapt to the impacts that you’re seeing and anticipating in the future?
  • Have you directly implemented adaptations to, or are you currently in the process of modifying the work you create, programme, or tour due to climate change

About the session

In this one-hour session, you’ll have the chance to engage in inspiring discussions and share insights. You’ll feel supported through connecting with fellow professionals in the sector.
Our aim is to convene those among you who are creatively shaping your approaches, adapting your practices, and incorporating discussions of adapting and building climate resilience within your work. We encourage you to contribute your examples. This includes: initial steps, hard-earned lessons, or foundational successes that pave the way for larger, more ambitious changes or projects.
This session will be small gathering with limited capacity. This will ensure a focused and in-depth conversation centred around your own experiences.
The needs, knowledge and experiences you share in this session will help us shape the Leading Resilience strand of Arts Council England’s Environmental Programme.

Register your interest

Please register your interest by completing the form below by Monday 9th October. We’ll respond to you by Friday 13th October.

We would like to include a variety of approaches to resilience from across the sector. Participants will be selected based on the responses below.

Peer Sharing - How might culture support adaptation to climate change?

Expression of Interest for online Peer Sharing session on Thursday 19th October 11-12:30pm


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This event is delivered in partnership with Arts Council England as part of their Environmental Programme.