Julie’s Bicycle partners with Stamp The Wax Advent Calendar to launch Green Riders campaign

From square melons to 20 international phone lines or an elephant’s weight in hummus, artists have made some weird and wild demands of venues and promoters on their riders at shows and events where they have performed.

What if our riders could be a spark for a movement of change across the music industry?

If enough artists take action to green their own tours and ask every venue, partner, and supplier to work with them we can change so much. Our ongoing conversations across the music industry and demand from artists like Novo Amor shows that artists want to be part of the conversation on climate change, plastic pollution, and other environmental challenges.

Our new campaign, Green Riders, will provide tools, resources, and a community for artists and their teams to exchange advice, ideas, and experiences for greener touring. Green Riders has its roots in JB Moving Arts, our 2010 research on carbon impacts of Touring Bands, Orchestras and Theatres, ranging from small club artists, chamber orchestras and small touring companies to stadium tours, symphony orchestras and major west end productions.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Green Riders, please get in touch with Julie’s Bicycle and stay tuned at the Green Riders website.

How can you support the Green Riders movement?

We’re delighted to partner with Stamp The Wax for their annual charity Advent Calendar, which will support the launch of our Green Riders campaign this year. Since 2011, Stamp The Wax has been supporting underground music and grassroots culture from across the musical spectrum, through reviews, films, DJ mixes and events. Their team of over 50 writers put a special emphasis on supporting talented people and noble initiatives with interesting stories to tell.

Now in its fourth year, their Advent Calendar sees artists from their network of friends donating an unreleased track for each day of the Advent. Tracks are made available as a pay-what-you-feel on Bandcamp, where all proceeds will go towards Julie’s Bicycle and the Green Riders campaign and resources.

You can support Green Riders by downloading the new music released for the Stamp The Wax Advent Calendar. Visit daily for new music, or follow Stamp The Wax and Julie’s Bicycle on Twitter to get updates straight to your feed.

The album was available to download until 11th January 2019. You can still listen to the album in full on Bandcamp.

Thank you to all the artists who generously shared their music:

Images: Artwork by Emily Evans for the Stamp The Wax Advent series.