The Climate Connection – In Visual Minutes

Screenshot of one of the visual minutes showing a person with a speakerphone

Julie’s Bicycle has been working in partnership with The British Council as part of The Climate Connection, a global platform for dialogue, cooperation and action against climate change in the lead up to the United Nations climate conference, COP26. One strand of this partnership was a series of Cultural Policy Roundtables: five digital policy conversations to explore current creative practice and policy in four different countries: Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria and Colombia, with a concluding public summary event in Italy aligned with the Pre-COP Summit.

The visual minutes below are records of each of these international conversations held earlier this year. With thanks to Ada Jusic and Dina Ganjar Nugraha for capturing the insights with their brilliant artwork.

Turkey Roundtable, 14th July 2021

– held in partnership with IKSV and the British Council

Indonesia Roundtable, 3rd August 2021

– held in partnership with Inspirit and the British Council

Colombia Roundtable, 7th September 2021

– held in partnership with Fondo Acción and the British Council

Nigeria Roundtable, 14th September 2021

– held in partnership with 5 Cowries and the British Council