Verbier Art Summit 2021: Resource Hungry

Verbier Art Summit poster

From January 31 to February 1 2021, we had the pleasure of being a part of the Verbier Art Summit for the second time. Julie’s Bicycle Founder and CEO Alison Tickell spoke at the London debate, one of five new debates among speakers in Beijing, Verbier, New York, São Paulo and London. Previously, Julie’s Bicycle Associate Catherine Bottrill led a workshop on how the arts and creative communities can act on climate change at the 2020 Summit.

Centred around the theme ‘Resource Hungry’, the 2021 Summit reflects on questions posed by last year’s iteration. Leaders from across art, design, architecture and engineering offered perspectives on the impact of humans on the landscape, and how we can rethink the spaces, habits, structures, and systems of culture to achieve balance in our relationship to resources.

At the London debate, Alison Tickell was joined by fellow speakers, Professor of History Timothy LeCain and artist Clare Twomey, as well as moderator, architect Philippe Rahm. Exploring topics such as the relationship between the human and nonhuman, the Seven Creative Climate Trends, and collaborative pathways toward a new arts ecology, the panel generated a fruitful discussion on how the pandemic has prompted us to rethink how and why we create art.

“We all have a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform this creative economy that is no longer fit for purpose, into an ecology that is equitable, collaborative, resilient and restorative.” – Alison Tickell, Verbier Art Summit 2021

Watch the debate here:

Thank you to the Verbier Art Summit for inviting JB and Alison Tickell, and for putting together such a wonderful and stimulating programme of events.

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