Music – Climate – Action

Photo by George Webster

Why music?

Music can be a huge force for good in the world. It’s our hearts beating faster when that rhythm unfolds, it’s the new friends and connections at festivals, concerts, and online, it’s the skills and imagination behind the scenes that make it all happen, music is everywhere. It’s why Julie’s Bicycle began by imagining what a music industry would be like that was in tune with people, planet and nature. JB helps artists, labels, festivals, venues –  in fact everyone in the music ecosystem – to take action on climate because we believe that to make change we need to be the change.

Love Ssega at We Make Tomorrow, 2020. Photo by Gaelle Beri

Who we work with

JB collaborates with global partners across both live and recorded music.

This includes festivals, venues, labels and music industry professionals from small organisations to large multinationals. We work with national and global industry networks and policy bodies, connecting the music sector to the wider creative climate movement. Just some of the organisations and companies we’ve worked with over the years:

We are also active members of crucial cross-industry initiatives, including LIVE Green Beyond Zero, Vision2025, Powerful Thinking, Music Declares Emergency and many more.

Supporters and Partners

We would like to thank Universal Music and Festival Republic for their longstanding commitment, loyalty and leadership. Thank you!

We are deeply grateful to all the other partners and sponsors who make our music programme possible, especially Earth Percent, Dixon Foundation and Arts Council England.

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Ideas to help you get started

The JB team combine our environmental expertise with a deep understanding of how the music business works. Here are some resources, guides, tools and tips to help you get started:
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It All Started with Music

For our first 5 years Julie’s Bicycle focused solely on music, and the sector remains close to our hearts, and our ambitions. 

Find out more about our history and the landmark partnerships that accelerated our commitment to climate action.

History of the Music Programme

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