• Posted on December 1st, 2022

Arts Council England Environmental Sustainability Report 2021/2022

Performance with three people of 'Boy with Rollerblades'

Arts Council England (ACE) publishes its Environmental Responsibility Annual Report 2021-22, a publication which presents National Portfolio Organisations (NPO) environmental data and narratives for the period of 1 April 2021 – 31 March 2022

Julie’s Bicycle CEO, Alison Tickell said: “Culture is uniquely equipped to educate, enable and inspire change. Through the Arts Council Portfolio reporting we have seen real ownership of the type of actions needed, and a rich and diverse range of benefits as a result of engaging with environmental issues… The commitment of Arts Council and the portfolio has created a model which others are already adapting and accelerating. This report shows where real progress has been made, and where the most effective interventions are now.”

Report highlights include: 

  • 92% include environmental sustainability in core business strategies
  • 63% collaborate with other cultural organisations on environmental solutions
  • 71% have produced or programmed work exploring environmental themes

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NPO Case studies

This year we have seen the number of NPOs reporting their environmental data return to pre-pandemic levels. Additionally, we have seen increased levels of engagement in the qualitative Beyond Carbon survey for reporting on environmental actions and benefits.

Case studies from individual organisations were selected to share best practice based on their Beyond Carbon responses (organisations were sampled based on two factors: artform and geographical location). Read some of the NPO case studies featured within the report below:

The Core at Corby Cube

Balbir Singh Dance Company

Boundless Theatre

New Carnival

Invisible Flock

Metal Culture

Grand Union

National Centre for Writing

Sinfonia Viva

Index on Censorship

Image credit – Gavin Joynt