• Posted on November 7th, 2019

How to capture your Accelerator insights?

To help Accelerators prepare for documenting and sharing details of their journey through the Accelerator Programme, we have compiled some suggestions below and in a downloadable pdf below.


1. If you’ve had a team workshop or public event as part of the Accelerator, can you use this as a chance to collate and share findings / output or conduct a survey as to what participants have learned so far to pull out responses?

– See a great example from Philharmonia here, and an example of an artists’ survey by Artsadmin and Bow Arts here. You can also see an example of a public event organised by Artsadmin and Bow Arts to interrogate some of their ideas for the project.

2. Can you record the journey made to date with photos – sharing before and after examples of work in progress and annotating these for context?

3. Can you record a short 2 min video talking about your project (use your mobile to avoid hiring expensive equipment) or interview others who are / will be impacted by it?

– See a pdf guide from our partner URBACT here on making great videos on your mobile, and a short video created with some of the dancers from New Adventures’ green team here.

– Metta Theatre also produced this great video as part of promoting their recent show ‘In the Willows’ using one of their cast members to talk about considering their impact on their environment.

4. Can you arrange a 10 min conference / phone call with another member of the cohort to interview one another on your projects and record or write down the results?

5. Do you have a designer in your team who could quickly translate some of your findings to visuals with infographics or a diagram? Alternatively you can use templates to do this in Powerpoint!

See some lovely visual minutes prepared by MAST in the banner image here and above, with some free templates for making your own infographics here.

6. Write a short blog about your learning / challenges overcome so far – just 3 to 5 paragraphs will do.

– See Will from Metta Theatre’s blog here, Hannah from Chinese Centre for Contemporary Art’s here, Alex from Artsadmin’s here and Natalie from LTC’s here. Contact us if you’d like more advice on the best way to prepare this.

– Jennifer from Philharmonia discussed the orchestra’s approach to sustainability as part of the programme centred around prioritisation, targeting and footprints which was then republished in Overseas magazine here (on p26 / 27)

7. Do you have any press moments coming up that you can include reference to your Accelerator project with a teaser of things to come? Or is there a public issue you want to respond to where you can link in details of your participation?

– For example, New Adventures announced their green touring initiative with a feature of their green champions.

– Janet from Talking Birds also created this blog in response to the Arts Council 10 year strategy that drew from her learning at the Accelerator training event.

8. Can you update your environmental sustainability page on your website to talk about what you’re working on? This can be linked to via social media and shared with your audience, funders and team to shout about what you’re up to.

– Find a blog which looks at how Royal Opera House did this here.

– Image of Visual Minutes captured by at a MAST Accelerator workshop.

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