Denmark Creative Green Tools Launch

Energy, Travel, Waste, Freight

(clockwise) Energy, Travel, Waste, Freight

Julie’s Bicycle is proud to be launching the Creative Green Tools in partnership with the Arts Council Denmark. The tools are specifically targeted at the Danish arts and culture sector. The calculator can measure a range of environmental impacts – from energy consumption in buildings to the transport of equipment and people.

“Greater awareness of the climate footprint of artistic activities is a crucial first step in the green transition for the arts and culture sector. It is our hope at the Arts Council that with the new calculator, we can provide the creative industries with a tool that can be help them improve the sustainability credentials of their artistic practice.” Gitta Malling, head of the Statens Kunstfond.

The new Creative Green Tools Denmark is available here.

For the organisations using the tools in Denmark, it is possible to compare consumption with UK cultural operators already using the calculator. In addition to clarifying and facilitating the process of measuring CO2 emissions, the aim of using the calculator is to inspire people to actively reduce their climate footprint and thus contribute to a more sustainable arts and cultural sector.