Independent Record Companies Tool Launches in USA

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In 2022, Julie’s Bicycle partnered with IMPALA, the European Independent Music Companies Association, to launch the first bespoke carbon calculator for the independent music sector. Based on Julie’s Bicycle Creative Climate Tools, the calculator is tailored specifically to meet the needs of independent record companies. The first membership Carbon Calculator report was released in 2023.

Now, we are excited to announce the launch of a free one-year pilot project of IMPALA’s Carbon Calculator in the U.S., in partnership with the independent trade association A2IM (USA) and with the support of Merlin. This initiative marks the first step toward introducing this tool in the world’s largest music market, enabling the sector to measure and reduce carbon footprints in a coordinated manner. The project includes key North American labels, who will provide valuable input on any necessary developments to the tool for a full roll-out. This will also pave the way for future adaptations of the calculator in other major territories. Already utilised by labels with U.S. businesses, the calculator assists companies in reporting their carbon footprints in a standardised manner by scopes, in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Race to Zero/SBTi commitments. The calculator now displays the footprint in scopes 1, 2, and 3 and allows labels to report on other impacts and actions beyond carbon.

The project will also feature workshops for A2IM members, serving as a platform to gather feedback, address questions, and ensure a smooth transition for users. Additionally, 1-on-1 meetings between the developer team and company representatives will be available for those needing extra support.

Find out more about our carbon calculator and tools partnerships and projects here.