JB supports fashion SWITCH

JB supports Vivienne Westwood’s renewed call to SWITCH to renewables with a new info sheet

As part of London Fashion Week this February, Vivienne Westwood presents SWITCH to renewables. Julie’s Bicycle is a partner for Serpentine’s Back to Earth project, and supporter of the SWITCH to Green Energy campaign since 2017 – and has produced a downloadable information sheet on why using renewable energy matters.

The designer and activist joins WePresent, the editorial platform of WeTransfer, and Serpentine to call on the public with a new campaign to SWITCH to green energy today. SWITCH forms the second instalment of Groundwork: a creative series by WePresent that documents the behind-the-scenes research into artists’ new works for Back to Earth, Serpentine’s multi-year environmental programme.

SWITCH shares Westwood’s personal answer to ‘how can I save the environment?’. Through the power of global unity and specific actions outlined in her NO MANS LAND Manifesto, ‘SWITCH to renewables’ is charged with powerful ideas and mantras that pave the way to a sustainable future. Westwood inspires all to join the global efforts for climate justice, asking us to ‘Act Fast, Slow Down, Stop Climate Change’.

Vivienne offers new hand drawn slogans, posters and cards that encapsulate the urgent need to incite change now, while bringing people together for a common cause. Read the article, view the wallpapers, use your voice, create a movement, be part of the conversation and the solution, and see what can happen after you decide to #SWITCH.

A new iteration of Westwood’s 2017 Fashion Switch to Green campaign, which encouraged the fashion community to join her in the switch to renewable energy, SWITCH to renewables is Vivienne’s call to all industries and individuals. It arrives in the wake of recent research that found more than one billion people will be displaced or forced to endure insufferable heat by 2070, inspiring Westwood to reactivate her campaign once more.

“Serpentine is delighted to continue our relationship with Vivenne Westwood as an artist and activist, which began in 2008 when she participated in our Manifesto Marathon. Her Back to Earth campaign, SWITCH, encourages disparate industries to make a collective effort to switch to green energy sources. This aim is aligned with our longstanding objective of looking beyond silos to bridge different creative disciplines. We are so glad to be working with WePresent to amplify Westwood’s Back to Earth campaign and those of the other four artists featured in the Groundwork series.”

Bettina Korek, Chief Executive, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Artistic Director, Serpentine

Each month, Groundwork reveals a digital mini-encyclopaedia documenting the creative journeys of five artists involved in the Serpentine’s multi-year Back to Earth project, including Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen, Vivienne Westwood, Karrabing Film Collective, Himali Singh Soin and Tabita Rezaire. WePresent and the Serpentine join forces to shine light on the rich contributions art can make to tackle the climate crisis, while encouraging observers to reflect and consider action.

First step to save the environment: SWITCH to green energy. We must rely on cooperation and collaboration to maximize our impact and we must act now! What’s good for the planet is good for the economy.”

Vivienne Westwood, Designer and Activist

SWITCH by Vivienne Westwood will be available from 23rd February 2021 exclusively on

Header artworks: SWITCH by Vivienne Westwood.