Julie’s Bicycle Puts Culture at the Heart of COP 27

Graphic Resilience Hub An inclusive virtual and physical space to mobilise action on resilience at COP27 and beyond

Julie’s Bicycle (JB) are proud to be co-leading the Resilience Hub’s Arts, Culture, Antiquities and Heritage theme at COP27 this November, alongside Climate Heritage Network (CHN) and International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI).

JB have joined forces with leading cultural voices to celebrate creative and cultural mobilisation in the face of the climate crisis at COP27. Creative climate responses are taking place all over the world, and yet are not considered central solutions to climate and justice. We aim to highlight this movement, and ensure it is recognised.

Our Resilience Hub events:

Mobilising Creativity: Showcasing the depth, range and potential of creative climate practices
Resilience Hub: 14 November, 4:30 – 6:00pm (GMT)

A dynamic session showcasing creative contributions to climate resilience with International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI) and Climate Heritage Network (CHN). The session features examples of arts-led practice that highlights the depth, range and potential of creativity to contribute to resilience on the ground. Speakers include JB’s CEO Alison Tickell and Farah Ahmed, alongside artists and climate activists from around the world.

Culture, Gender, and Resilience: Unlocking diverse knowledge systems
Resilience Hub: 14 November, 1:30 – 3:30pm (GMT)

JB’s Alison speaks on this panel highlighting the essential role of women in the intergenerational transfer of cultural heritage and the immense potential of arts, culture and heritage to drive gender-inclusive climate-resilient pathways for adaptation and mitigation.

Other Resilience Hub events

Other events that will be live-streamed as part of the Resilience Hub’s Art, Culture, Antiquities and Heritage theme include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment Lessons from the Culture and Heritage Worlds in Africa, (15 November, 8:30 – 10:30am GMT)
  • Culture and Biodiversity: Applying traditional knowledge and practices to support the 30×30 biodiversity target, (16 November, 10:30am – 12:30pm GMT)
  • Losing the Irreplaceable: Loss & Damage, Culture & Heritage, (17 November, 7-9am GMT)

Watch these events


Culture @ COP logo

Julie’s Bicycle are also participating in Culture @ COP, a series of events organised by the Climate Heritage Network (CHN) which runs alongside COP27. We have partnered with CHN for Art Culture Heritage: Culture COP Assembly, a day-long event that highlights how culture-based strategies can transform climate planning, policy and action. The event is not available via live-stream but a video will be made available afterwards.

Culture Heritage Network’s Art Culture Heritage: Culture COP Assembly 
Friday, 11 November, 2022, 9:00am – 4:00pm (EET) at Sharm El-Sheikh Museum

The event will feature:

  • A CultureCOPAssembly that will bring together an incredibly diverse array of cultural actors and voices to explore how arts and culture at COPs can support, challenge and deepen the possibility of a more climate just and safe world for all.
  • Cultural networks, institutions and operators assembled via the Climate Heritage Network speaking to how cultural infrastructure can be climate action infrastructure.
  • Examples of cultural-based climate action, tied to COP initiatives like Action for Climate Empowerment and the Race to Resilience.
  • Performances, music and poetry amplifying leading global creative voices on the climate emergency.

Convened in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities with the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID).