JB’s 2021 – a year in review

Join us as we reflect back on some of our achievements together this year, despite the obstacles. Thank you all for your support in 2021 and we look forward to brighter and better things in the year to come.

Climate Leadership and Training

We support cultural professionals and creatives with the knowledge and confidence to speak out and together on the climate issue, using their creativity to influence one another, audiences, and the wider movement. 


We advocate to, and for, culture to publicly inspire action on the climate and nature crisis, with research, resources, providing expertise and through regular events across the UK and internationally.


A crucial year leading up to COP26, which we ended with a Call To Action targeting policymakers.

Sector Resources

Whether we’re reviewing sustainable production practices, unpacking greener food and drink options, tackling offsetting or focusing on climate justice, we are dedicated to providing resources to support your journey towards creative climate action from your very first step to a net zero future. This year we’ve also launched two new series – Taking The Temperature and our Top Tips guides.

Podcasts and media

We’ve featured in a range of podcasts and programmes exploring climate and culture throughout the year – check out a summary below.

Header image: Toilet Paper Implosion image, created by Trash Academy, as shared in Ron Whyte’s Creative Climate Chat.

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